Reliable Power Electronics Solutions And Products For Israeli Companies

Prevent data loss, protect mission critical equipment, and avoid power disruption. Tensor Systems is your reliable supplier of power electronics solutions and products in Israel.

Four Decades of Expertise

Tensor has sold and installed over 15,000 systems to the largest companies and organizations in Israel.

Why Choose Tensor Systems?

The Right Products and Services on Time

Reliability is an important factor in selecting us. We always make certain that the right products or services are delivered on time and as described.

We have the resources and systems in place to ensure that we can deliver even if something goes wrong.

The Best Value for Your Money

Affordability is another important factor in choosing us. Our reasonably priced products and services will assist you in managing your finances while also providing the highest quality and reliability.

Personalized And Quick Customer Service

With an almost immediate response time, our 24/7 support team will proactively support your business or organization to ensure everything is working as intended. We keep a large stock of spare parts and backup systems on hand, as well as a team of highly trained employees to provide you with immediate assistance in the event of a failure.

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